I-10 Florida

Before RocSoxx install. Site was not draining water off quick enough. Drain Inlet with pea gravel, silt fence and silt saver dome setup.
This is under everything a woven geo textile with no way for the water to drain. A woven geo textile will seep water but not flow water at applicably efficient rate. Note the red clay on both sides of non woven. We removed this woven geo textile before install.
If dealing with red clay that leeches we start with a plastic liner. Covered then with a woven geo textile for durablity and maintenance purposes.

We lay RocSoxx around inlet in a spiral fashion for the first and all rows. Starting on the inside closest to drain inlet and ending on the outside. Rocsoxx are stacked in a pyramid fashion with the next rowing starting on the inside on top of first row.

Our Rocsoxx Inlet Protection system will be big enough for six RocSoxx to wraparound touching end to end.

Cutting relief holes for drainage.

Non woven 4ozĀ  geo textile added to top of RocSoxx Inlet Protection system (IPS).

The six aforementioned RocSoxx are then rolled up around in the geotextile.

Cable Tied at ends to secure in Place and for neatness.

Plastic and woven geo textile trenched in.

This whole setup takes an hour and a half to setup depending on site prep. The 4oz non woven on top takes 20-30 minute to replace. This setup allows excellent drainage and inlet protection.

Inspection after 3.5″ of rainfall.