Product Applications


RocSoxx™ | RocSAXX™ | Patent Pending 14/852.606


RocSoxx™ Applications

Storm water and sediment control filtration products are generally employed in a variety of temporary or permanent settings, such as construction sites, storm water inlets, culverts, streambeds, hillsides, shorelines, landscaping and agricultural settings, to reduce water run-off flow rates, with the benefit of both preventing downstream erosion arising from continued higher flow rates, as well as trapping sediment at the site of the device.

Channel/Small Stream Beds

Ideally, the water exiting the device will be relatively clear (e.g., approximately 90% sediment-free), and the design and media used will facilitate continued water flow-through at a sufficient rate to avoid “clogging”.

With RocSoxx employed in Channel/Small Stream Beds, accumulation of sediment on up-stream side, and clear water on downstream side, which is percolating through the accumulated sediment.

Erosion Control Silt Fence Asstst
Erosion Control Silt Fence Asstst
Erosion Control Silt Fence Asstst
Erosion Control Silt Fence Assist

RocSoxx™ | RocSAXX™ | Patent Pending 14/852.606


Cost Effective

  • Instant ‘one man’ repair for silt fence that has tears and washouts.
  • No equipment necessary.
  • Lower equipment and maintenance costs.
  • Save time, money and man hours.
  • Remove from site, wash out and reuse. No cross-contamination.
  • Saves Contractors money on replacement costs.

Effective use of Resources

  • 5 -10 Years UV protections on Seamless RocSoxx™.
  • Our products are man-portable and re-usable with a life-span of 5-10 years. They can simply be sprayed off and used again on other job-site locations.
  • One time capital cost adds to your bottom line with no more disposal cost.
  • Perfect use for Check Dams, Curb Inlet Protection, Drain Inlet Protection and more!



  • Will support accidental vehicle traffic.
  • Highly durable and flexible with our Seamless 300 tensile strength tube.



  • Two sizes 4.5” & 6.5” x 6’.6”   approx. 60 lbs. & 100 lbs.
  • Highly Durable and flexible.


DOT Approved LEED

  • RocSoxx uses DOT Approved Crushed Concrete (LEED).